Success Stories

Success Stories

"The search engine ranking of Printers Post makes it part of our product advertising at HP. Our freshly listed Designjet 111 got a sales lead in the morning via Google, and our resellers had sold the machine to a construction company by the close of business same day."

Rachael Hunter

Platform Marketing Manager
Graphics Solutions Business

"I have been advertising machines on the Printers Post for the last 7 years, and on almost every occasion successfully sold my machines through the site.

I posted my latest ad on February the 11th 2010, and the machine was confirmed sold by the 15th February 2010!

Also I have again added to my qualified list of potential buyers for the next supply of used machines that I sometimes trade on the new equipment I also sell."

Thank you Printers Post, you have been a terrific platform for the industry over the years....and I look forward to posting more listings with you..!

John Drake


"Dominion is one of the largest plant valuation & auctioneering practices in the Asia Pacific region servicing private, public and government sectors.

We found out about post through google, There were 3 very specialized machines that needed promotion for an upcoming tender.

  • Smoothbonwell UV Spot And Flood Coating System
  • G & K Folding System Comprising
  • 1958 Heidelberg Cylinder Press 540cm x 720cm

We perused the site, did some research and found the site to be well equipped to handle this type of promotion. The profile we received from head office was impressive and we decided to go ahead and advertise. Using the facilities of Printers Post gave us direct access to potential buyers, and all three items were sold within the Tender timeframe. We will definitely be using for our next Printing, Packaging and these other related industries in the future, and we confidently recommend the site."


Ian Burr

Dominion Group Pty Ltd

"When it came to promoting Printech New Zealand 2006, complemented our overall strategy. Their before and after coverage was thorough, clean, precise, and accurately reflected our profile and the messages we needed to portray to the marketplace.

We would confidently recommend the site for event promotions that need specialized & independent coverage online."



Rochelle Gray

Marketing Manager Trade

When the lease for the "Heidelberg Trendsetter 3244F Spectrum" had ended. The marketing and advertising had to be projected to a very specialized market and in a very specific way.

To most people the name sounds like some kind of fashion accessory!

We did our homework and chose our platform carefully. After much consideration we decided lent itself well for what we needed to achieve. We received enquiries pretty much straight away, and then sold it!

It is based on this experience that I can confidently recommend this site.



Neil Schiller

Manager - Commercial Services
GE Commercial Asset Management Services

Dear Max,

My congratulations once again to all at Printers Post. As an earlier testimonial I wrote states,' we were very pleased with the number of machine sales (100%) that we had achieved directly related to your newsletter.'

Now we are well and truly impressed! We had a successful enquiry within 20 minutes of one of our latest second hand machines going on line!

We believe the little extra involved in having you produce an 'Extra Display' facility on your front page, truly is great value per dollar spent. Your compilation and setting of our adds, from what little we give you also deserves mention too!

Thanks again to all the team,

John W Drake

JWD Printing Services

We were referred to Printers Post by A E Hudsons.

After studying the site closely, We found it was very user friendly and decided to advertise our equipment. Within two months, we successfully sold all of the 8 machines we advertised!

We are delighted with the outcome and confidently recommend the site...

Shuhei Inagaki


Dear Ann,

At the June meeting of the National Print Awards board, they have asked me to write to you and thank Printers Post for all the support they have given to the 23rd award night in Sydney.

The coverage was excellent and we firmly believe that your articles certainly helped us in spreading the ‘good word’ about the National Print Awards. Without the support of the media we would struggle to get a wider appreciation for what the award stands for.

With the 24th award night being held in Sydney next year to PrintEx’07 we look forward to hosting you again. Once again ‘thank you’ for all your support.


Kind Regards

Scott Telfer

23rd National Print Awards

Just wanted to thank you for your superb coverage and support that you have provided for Ipex. We really appreciate everything you have done for us. Sorry we didn't get much time to speak during Ipex but hope that you enjoyed your stay.

I guess you're already working hard on covering the next event and producing the next Printers Post Newsletter.

For us we are now working on developing some new idea opportunities for specialist areas of print in a number of potential regions, including Australia / NewZealand - I'll keep you posted.

Trevor Crawford

Event Director

We tried to sell our machine in the Trading Post and the Melbourne Age and were unsuccessful. Our technician referred us to Printers Post,we placed an ad and we had enquiries immediately.

I am absolutely wrapped with the outcome, we sold our machine!

Printers Post is really the place to go if you want to buy and sell equipment.

Printforme Pty Ltd.

Steve Gittings

We have had many dealings with

When we started our printing business we purchased all our equipment from the site. As we grew so did our demands, and we decided to go back to the site to sell

  1. Canon Wide format Printer (Originally purchased new from the site)
  2. Padprinter

Within a week of each machine being placed on the site, six months apart, both machines were successfully sold for the price I was asking!

Because of the ongoing success we have had from a buyers and sellers perspective, we are now going to advertise our services on a regular basis! Therefore it is with confidence we can recommend


Rahul Bhargava

Managing Director
Swift Printing & Graphics

We have been using the services of Printers Post since PrintEx 2003. Their promotions and in particular the newsletter have generated more leads than any other advertising approach we have ever tried. Turning leads into sales is never easy but without leads there are no sales to make. Printers Post has generated a huge number of leads and it because of this we can confidently recommend the site for anyone wanting to reach the industry in a efficient, cost effective, and professional manner.



Essential Outsourcing is a professional employment agency, specialising in the printing industry, Printers Post has helped us successfully promote us now for 2 years. Essential Outsourcing started advertising in 2003. One of our customers referred us to suggesting they would be able to help promote our business. Intially we did small amounts of online advertising to test the waters, responses was very positive and consistant..

Gradually we have increased our exposure, in doing so maintaining a steady flow of quality enquiries.
The staff at Printers Post have always shown commitment, and plenty of initiative when it came to promoting our services to the trade.

I would recommend the site for any companies looking to promote their services to a specialized market.

Darren Cain

Essential Outsourcing Pty Ltd

We have been advertising with Printers Post for the past 2 months. We have advertised a variety of machines, the interest has been consistent, we have had local and international enquiries.

We sold one of our bigger machines to a local printer. The site is simple and easy to use, but most of all it gives results, and I would confidently recommend it to anyone wanting to sell used printing equipment.

Andrew Spence

Spence's Printing Services

Hi Max,

Below is the testimonial that we are happy with:

We had known about Printers Post since it started a couple of years ago and have since frequently looked at the site. When we were in a positon to sell our paper bag machine, we decided to give it a go. We were initially nervous to advertise since there were no ads for paper bag machines on the site, eventually we did.
With a series of overseas and local enquiries, the machine finally sold. This was a very specialised machine and needed a specialised market. We are confident to recommend Printers Post to anyone looking to sell this type of machinery.


Shabrokh Press

I have advertised 3 different machines in the last six months on

On each occasion I have sold my machines within a week of listing them. The people making the enquiries are from the printing industry and are not time wasters, we are fortunate that we have such a specialized site.

I would recommend over any general website such as ebay to sell specialized equipment.

Mike Minahan

Managing Director
Digi We Doo Pty Ltd
South Australia