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Konica Minolta announces immediate availability of the AccurioPress C83hc


Konica Minolta has announced the immediate availability of the AccurioPress C83hc. This High Chroma digital press gives printers a whole new world of colour reproduction with enhanced performance. 

The AccurioPress C83hc can express a much wider colour gamut than CMYK used for conventional printing. Pinks, purples, and bright greens are reproduced much more vividly and faithfully than those reproduced on a conventional CMYK toner print system. 

Grant Thomas, Product Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta, said, “The wide colour gamut of the AccurioPress C83hc High Chroma toner creates new printing business opportunities. It means that colours closer to RGB can be obtained, which is great for applications like printing studio photos, photo books, photos of nature, illustrations, computer graphics (CG), web-to-print, and more. 

“The printed image will be more natural and impressive when compared to an image produced on a conventional CMYK system. The expansion of spot colour reproduction is useful for printing company logos, high-impact point-of-purchase (POP), packaging, and posters.” 

Key features of the AccurioPress C83hc include: 

superb colour reproduction: a unique electro-photo print system that produces colours close to sRGB; something that cannot be achieved with CMYK print systems. When in print mode, colours close to sRGB and CMYK can be obtained with the one system 

automated adjustments: automated colour and registration adjustments are possible with the Intelligent Quality Optimiser (IQ-501) enhancing quality, productivity and, ultimately, profitability 

high productivity: high productivity (81 ppm/A4), high-capacity paper handling and high-spec finishing options for high-volume printing 

excellent versatility: wide paper weight compatibility up to 350 gsm. Excellent versatility handling a variety of media with ease including envelopes, banners, and textured stocks. 

long sheet banner printing: simplex up to 1300 mm and up to 762 mm auto duplex. 

The AccurioPress C83hc is equipped with Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Quality Optimiser, IQ-501. The IQ-501 maintains consistent colour reproduction and closed-loop paper registration (image-on-image, image-on-paper, and side-one/side-two registration) is measured and managed automatically in real time during printing operation. 

With the IQ-501 consistent realisation of high-quality print contributes to reduced print waste and labour times for set up, reducing the need for manual intervention. It increases uptime with automated system self-correction to ensure colour reproduction remains accurate and, importantly, delivers high-quality print results time after time. The IQ-501 can deliver time savings for print operators of up to 60 per cent and can increase system print productivity by up to 20 per cent. 

Konica Minolta provides exceptional service and support to keep commercial printers up and running. The new AccurioPress C83hc is available now. 

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