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Kodak - Colourflow Software

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: 0384178000
: Australia, New Zealand

Kodak ColorFlow Software is an intelligent colorsolution for integrating the many elements and devices in a typicalprint production environment, and managing the complex colorrelationships between them. This ensures that all color controlelements—curves, ICC profiles and spot color recipes—are used togethercorrectly within the production environment.

Dramatically reduceyour production costs, resources and time consumed by checking andcorrecting color across multiple devices. Manage consistency despitevarying ink combinations and print stocks. You’ll also save onconsumption costs with ink optimization features and gain flexibilitywith spot color replacement options.  

Used in conjunction with Kodak Prinergy Solutions, Kodak ColorFlowSoftware can fully store and automate precision color adjustments,curve and profile alignment, and throughput accuracy to further boostproduction efficiencies, reduce manual tasks, operator errors andexceed customer expectations to give you the competitive edge.  

ColorFlow Software can help:  

  • Minimize inefficiencies, labor costs & color errors when managing color variances between multiple devices
  • Ensure color consistency & accuracy throughout your workflow and all other devices
  • Decrease ink consumption while maintaining color consistency 
  • Lock in color accuracy with instant previews while editing curves & profiles 
  • Strengthen production efficiencies further and speed turnaround times by combining Kodak ColorFlow Software with Kodak Prinergy Solutions and Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology 

Kodak ColorFlow Software is available as a standalone application wherever a color solution is required, as well as integration within Kodak Prinergy Workflow.

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