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Success Stories
  • "I had read the testimonials on Printers Post and was impressed to see how quickly some Machines had been selling. I had a Heidelberg MOZ to sell, and I thought I would give it a go!"

    Greg Arnold

    Cruickshank Pty Ltd
  • "My request was for an obscure component for my Oce 9500 plan printer, which Oce were unable to supply. Printers Post replied promptly with an email to a company that had these parts available in Sydney."

    Ray Wright

    Copyright Plan Printing
  • "The decision to purchase a small Printing Company was made primarily to introduce a new range of customers to our own customer base whilst there were some assets that were not required and we were recommended to advertise the items via "Printers Post" on the internet."

    Ken Buckland

    Western Graphics Pty Ltd


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