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Océ ColorWave speeds up reaction times for disaster centre


Brisbane City Council’s Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC), which is activated to respond to disasters such as floods and severe storms in the Brisbane area, is now better equipped after upgrading its printing services with a wide format Océ ColorWave 600.  

The Océ ColorWave 600 will enable an anticipated tenfold speed increase over existing resources in the printing of GIS maps and aerial photographs needed to respond to a disaster. The printer will utilise Océ Publisher Select as the interface between the printer and desktop users. Council purchased the printer to ensure the printing of maps was as efficient as possible to avoid delays. 

Five Canon IPF 650 A1 colour printers have also been installed in regional command centres which can be linked to the LDCC for similar plotting purposes during localised situations.  

Arduous performance tests were undertaken on a variety of plotters before the Océ ColorWave 600 was chosen. A key feature of the ColorWave 600 that made it ideal for Council in its multiple role capability was its ability to produce a high quality A0 print that is waterfast without stipples or banding. The printer has four paper reels and a top delivery tray which can store up to 100 printouts to eliminate the constant changing of rolls and emptying of the delivery basket.  

Council’s green IT environmental policy was also a consideration in the purchase but posed no problems as the Océ CrystalPoint technology, used in the ColorWave 600, offers significant environmental benefits. Solid Océ TonerPearls are converted to a gel and jetted onto the substrate releasing no ozone, odour or fine powder, a system unique to CrystalPoint.   

This makes Océ CrystalPoint technology ultra-low when it comes to emissions. Additionally, because it prints an even semi-gloss finish on uncoated paper or Tyvek, the technology reduces the use of paper coatings that impact the environment. Printing onto Tyvek via the ColorWave 600 gives the user the capability to print completely robust prints that are virtually tear proof and water resistant. It is ideally suited to be taken into a harsh environment without getting damaged such as the case in a flood or serious emergency response situation.  

As well as the technical and functional selection criteria, Council took into consideration the value for money over a whole of life investment. Running costs are reduced over time as printing is done on standard paper rather than rolls of expensive coated stock.  

The Océ ColorWave’s speed also delivers significant productivity advantages when it is used on a day-to-day basis in the office for standard printing jobs.

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