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Eagle Rip - PDF 1.7 - PostScript 3 for superb quality documents

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: 02 6242 4427
: Australia

Founder's EagleRIP creates superb quality PDF and PostScriptjobs. Complex documents, vivid colors, transparent objects, fileswith embedded ICC profiles and smooth shading are consistentlyprocessed to meet the high standards of the most demandingcustomer. EagleRIP provides support for features within PDF 1.7 andPostScript 3.

Performance that meets your most demanding printproduction needs

Founder's EagleRIP is multi-threaded and scales with systemplatform performance. For maximum performance EagleRIP supportsover 100 CTP, CTF, Indigo press, laser printer and digital prooferdevices, as well as 1 bit TIFF, 8-bit TIFF and Winprint output usedby most leading vendor print devices.

Ensure output quality while reducing errors with fast,flexible and detailed screen previews and dot previews

Ensure the output to plate is accurate by digitally previewingcolor and dot shape prior to committing to physical output.EagleRIP lets you preview color separations and composites, andincludes preview functions such as Zoom, Negative, Mirror, Rotateand Screen preview of the bitmap dot.

Higher quality print with screening options

EagleRIP screen dot shapes allow users to select the  dotthat ensures maximum printing quality. Nine  standardscreenings include Euclidean Round, Rhomb,  Ellipse, Diamond,Pure Round, Sharp Ellipse, Square,  Cross and FM screening.Optional screenings such as  EagleAM, EagleFM, EagleFAM (AM& FM hybrid  printing) and EagleAGS (gravure printing) areavailable as plug-ins.

EagleAM screening option
Adopts new screen angle technology ( /- 7.5)comparing to the traditional AM screening angle (15, 45, 90,75). 
a.Improves the rosette pattern, gray level is exquisite andsmooth.
b. More accurate angles produces higher quality.
c. Better reproduction of gradient shading and overprint effect oftints and skin color.
d. Suitable for printing high frequency images on CTP (greaterthan 300LPI).

EagleFM screeningoption
Base on green noise FM technology & FounderSecond Order FM Technology using variable dot size and variablespacing. 

a. Control the randomicity of dots, ensuring thesmooth middle tone.

b. Smooth transition at continuous tones, keepingdetails at overlapped colors.

c. Light area and shadow area can use different dotsize for easy press and expanding the color gamut.

Contact Name: Michael Malone
Telephone: +61 2 6242 4427
Fax: +61 2 6242 5986
Address: 4/38 Dacre Street Mitchell ACT 2911
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